The only PG-300 emulator I got working for my Juno Alpha 2

with install steps for windows 10 (requires VB6 files)

cricri :”‘


KAPITAL Concept sketch

(full-size picture on click)

Here’s a first drop of KAPITAL gameplay ideas.

Basic concept is similar of my previous game “Ours en Slip Simulator” which was itself inspired by the multiplayer aspects of “Blektre”
– Multiplayer survival & business in a post-capitalist world
– Safe farming VS dangerous rewarding actions
– King of the hill

– There’s no territory control in KAPITAL (as in OESS), but instead more survival struggle and more focus on the “king of the hill” aspect. It doesn’t aim to be an “addictive MMORPG” where you build an empire but more of a short competition challenge.

Playtime evolution

  1. Survive, learn the game. This can be tricky too !
  2. Once you master that, you can draw bigger plans : attack people, escape police or get a job (like being police)
  3. You start to get good money, you can invest in flats, then laters, in shops. You can also kill owner to lower the prices
  4. Pretend to the king throne !



What I want to do better

– OESS had a main flaw : it was focused on economics and commerce and economics wouldn’t run without online players (buying stuff in your stores). I can’t be sure there’s enough players all the time. To prevent that, there will be now a fixed character numbers (32 or 64). So when a new player arrives, a NPC is removed, and the opposite to. This way, the number of characters will always stay the same. NPCs will play the game slow and minimalistic just to stay alive. When nobody is connected, the world will potentially plays alone ! Single player against just NPC will be average difficulty.



Experimental danger !

That’s an experimental concept and that means BALANCE MADNESS at some point. But I can’t help : this is the project I want to do ! But that’s another reason to do the basis as clean as possible, and offer as much control as possible for tweaking and evolution. I hope my previous experiences will help doing it right this time.


Isometrics !

Discovering Unity, I decided to start with (randomly) generating a isometric map. And it actually happened ! And I think I’m already in love with Unity. It comes very quickly. Coming from PHP & Javascript, C# is pretty close. I love the components and script systems. Actually, it feels like even quicker to develop than with Construct 2 !

That’s it for today.


Selbst RPG feedback video

I got Selbst RPG out of the dust after two years of rest, and recorded some playtime on first 2 levels. I was surprised to see it was working allright ! It would require a lot more puzzle situations, and eventually more hack’n’slash feeling with more crowd ennemies. I believe the basics are strong enough, it could go a lot deeper. But the biggest need is of course a better UI. Tutorial doesn’t really work and this complex system requires very precise explanations. Like usual, UI would require tons of design and implementation work …

Like many solo devs, I would love to have a work team (i.e. slaves) 😉 Otherwise, I’m really not sure I’ll get back to it someday (sad).

Music is some obscure Le Matin tune (my music project) I like it, but it may be a little too dark for the real mood of the game.



Moving forward, I did another attempt one month ago (let’s call it Selbst RPG 2), with a similar modular system, but as a 2D scroller, taking some inspiration from Metroidvanias. The idea was also having the character wearing the engine into live action, so modules can be destroyed and stuff. And remove the particle moving inside the engine.

In this very short demo (made in one week, Construct 2), the 1 and 2 squares into the grid are for gamepad buttons. You put for example a jump module and a fire module on it, so the character can jump and shoot. You need to connect this modules to power cores, and the more power you have in your module, the better it works (shoots faster or jump higher). You get the idea: let the player build its own character. Like in Selbst RPG, it would allow to save / reload builds so you can switch according to the situation.

It’s not the time for me to work any more on this, but I keep it in a corner, I may want to go further at some point !



Personal Twitter Account

I’m now followable

Chien Games Twitter Account

Map design : zones or not ?

Design question !

Zones or no-zones ?

Zones are pretty nice done in Browser Quest. The map is divided into 16×32 “zones” aka screens, and when the character player walk on the overlap tiles, the camera moves to the next zones.

(this is from Browser Quest Clone Trello)

Shall I use zones in my case ? I did it in a wrong way in Cehiho (each map tile was actually another minimap), this time it’s about using one single map and divisions.

Pros :

  • Players are in a zone, which makes them easier to divide. Server just needs to update each player zone. I believe Browser Quest do that ?
  • Also easier to render for the client since it’s not rendring tiles at every second
  • No scrolling except when changing zone. That’s a benefit if it happens that clicking on moving stuff (e.g. other characters) is tedious when the screen is scrolling. No vertical sync needed too ?
  • Allow some puzzle / room / new ambiance situations (Zelda)

Cons :

  • I believe calculating a “refresh zone” around every player isn’t that expensive, making the first Pro not that interesting.
  • Is scrolling really a problem ? (e.g Diablo)
  • We can make rooms by teleporting the player in a separated area of the map





Yes, I already have projects, but I’m starting a new one.

But first, let’s make the point about those other projects :

Primordial Soup Society is at pause now, maybe it’s even done as a prototype. I did a very well working NodeJS server, using Websockets, and a very minimalistic browser-based client. Actually it is not complete but it’s enough for me to see the idea. I still like it, but I don’t feel it worth any more time now. I mean : the server is nice, and that’s the main thing, so that’s cool ! But the client ? It’s browsed-based, it’s ugly and it looks like my web-dev day job, and I can’t stand it anymore. Should I use another technology for the client ? I’m not sure. Web is ideal for dealing with user content (typing text, uploading images ..) so it feels that’s still the best option. Let it rest for a while.

Bel-Océan is at its final developpement stages. Shouldn’t be exciting ? We started the promotion over social networking and already have beta-testers ready. The game looks good. Yes ! But the job itself, from now, is debugging, UI enhancement, translation, and waiting for Paul working on other projects. That’s not that exciting !


That’s why I already need to move on. Here’s what exciting :

  • Learn new tech
  • Having an idea
  • Make idea come true with new tech

Yeah. I can spend my time doing this instead of drinking beer all the time / doing drugs / playing games.


New Tech

Client Side

I discovered Construct 2 a few years ago and I’ve been doing a few nice prototypes since, had tons of fun with this so-easy-and-still-powerfull tool. Bel-Océan is the biggest / professionnal achievement of it. BUT I miss the ability to code. Also, Construct 2 has simple flaws (i.g. unability to make a simple search trought the whole code, WTF???) and instead of enhancing it, Scirra moved to Construct 3 with a crappy monthly-plan shitty cloud browser based software, I can’t stand it. So, yeah, we’ve been really happy together, now goodbye Construct.

From there, I had a couple of options :

– Starting from scratch, like a real bad-ass ! Going with JS (most accessible + futuristic language for me), I did find some interesting libraries (pixiJS and so on … ) . The most exciting option ! BUT it means reinvent the wheel for many, many features … Such as the editor itself ! I don’t have this time. I’m an artist. I should use a engine-editor solution !

– Another, easy-to-use, with code writing, 2D oriented software , Game Maker Studio 2 looked like the best bet. It’s using its own script language, the GML. Sounds good but …

– … in the end, I choosed Unity ! That’s formerly a 3D software doing 2D good from now. Isn’t it a little bit overkill for what I’m personnaly doing ? Not sure. There’s many features I’m pretty sure I will like. C# isn’t far from JS. Tons of plugins and stuff. Huge community. The standard of the industry. And free at my scale !
The final argument is that my brother Paul want to do 3D as well, and he wants to go Unity because of all theses reasons. Since I want to have the ability to collaborate, I believe that’s the best solution. Let’s do this !


Server Side

I started to work on multiplayer with node and websockets and I love it. It’s about an old dream : since I played UO in early 2000s, I dream of doing my own MMO based on a sausage dickverse (see what I mean ?).  I’ve been working in between. I did Cehiho and Primordial Soup Society server prototypes and it was cool. I want to do this again, for the third time. Each time is better. Maybe this time a complete game will happen ?

So i’ve been asking myself : what can I do even better ? I’ve been using TCP with Websockets and I was wondering : should I use UDP now ? It’s faster but most complicated to keep track because there are lost packets. But in the end, I’ve been convinced by my expert engineer friend Cognet to use TCP since I don’t mind 10ms latency, and UDP can be a lot of useless problems in my case. Actually, I’ve read this nice article too.

So GO, Node + TCP !


Next, maybe I’ll write about my cool gameplay I’ve been writing all night


Bel-Ocean is on Twitter

We moved to social network

I will keep this blog for advanced posting though.

It’s now 2018 and the idea came to my mind 2013. I wouldn’t call it 7 years developpement since we only worked 2-3 month per year but still IT’S TIME TO REACH THE END (or die trying)

  • Game engine has been improved again (and again .. and again ..) mostly camera, focus, translation stuff
  • English translation is in progress by a professionnal super person.
  • Gameplay complete @ 95%. Means there’s only 1 small part to complete (nexus) and the game will be playable as BETA ! AKA VERY SOON !
  • Graphics complete @ 90% !


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