Bel-Ocean Devlog #11 – One Year Later

Despite the sporadically blog entries, we did work this year !

The first good news is that we found a better main character than the horse : let me introduce Jean Chien.

The best thing about him is that he tolerates the shitty smell of the studio. Problem solved !


New episodes about Paul’s Wrath Against Cutting-Edge Softwares ! 


Paul has been working on Spriter for a few weeks more before he went berzerk about the shitty unprofessionnal quality of the unfinished software. He started to harass Spriter’s developpers to fix some basic features but they just ignored him and keep on releasing “art packs” instead. The Paul went completely mad ! (he’s a passionnate kind of person). Eventually he started to break everything in the studio.

It went to a point Paul turned is rage against me and, for my defense, I suggested to roll back to traditionnal animation with a FPS cap … That was very sad option but we had to move on.

HOPEFULLY we discovered Spine. Spine is a new software that does just exactly the same as Spriter, but with all the professionnal features that Paul needed !

ONE problem remained : no official plugin from Spine to Construct 2 was released. After a few days, we did find one on Github made by Flyover (nobody knows who is he) but the plugin was incomplete : no mirror function, scrollTo didn’t work, no interpolation disabling … Problems .. ALWAYS !

(George’s Character is totally inspired by Paul’s deep nature)

Then, since I know Javascript, we tried to fix the plugin ourselves .. Paul also bribed Flyover to push him to fix some of the most complicated features, and it worked ! I also managed to disable interpolation and other stuff, creating a fork of the Spine plugin for Construct 2. At this point, we knew the software was the good one. Paul started to re-make all the characters in the new software .. For like, the third or fourth time .. and I had to do the same in Construct 2 in order to use the new plugin.

One month later we got back to our Spriter developpement state. But this was for the best, for now we’re absolutely sure everything will rock .. almost …


Because we found out that Spine wasn’t supporting animation duplication in order to create the skins we needed (mostly to create the dynamical illusion of day and night lights on characters). Paul went berzerk again (he threatened to kill my hamster this time) but hopefully quickly found a solution to accomplish this skin duplication with hacking the export files with notepad. I eventually took a few hours to create a patch software to make this automatically ! Damn, another problem solved !


What else ?

  • A new NPC “engine” of our game, allowing to use simple functions to create their agenda in the world.
  • The Dialog Manager has been upgraded.


Approximative statistics :

– YEARS OF DEV : It’s been like 4 year of irregular developpement (beside our day jobs) since I wrote the plot of this game. 7-8 month of full time work estimated.
– POINT&CLICK ENGINE (made w/ Construct 2) : 80% complete
– GRAPHIC ASSETS : 69% complete
– STORY TELLING IN GAME : 7% (fully written on the paper)
– DIALOG LINES & TRANSLATION SOFTWARE : Written in PHP, 99% complete . I managed to fully connect it with C2.
– SPINE PLUGIN : 100% complete.

We hope to get a fully playable alpha around september 2016.

See you soon !



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