Bel Ocean #6 – Scenario

The game plays in real-time, with something like 15 minutes IRL = 1H in-game, so a full game day lasts 6 hours IRL. However, travelling will make time to go faster.

All scripted events are related to time and space. For example, something will happen in downtown at 11AM but something else will happen elsewhere at the same time. That’s why the looping day is usefull.

Every character will have its own life and planning. For example, Josiane will wake up around 8, leave her house around 10 and work until 18, before meeting her boyfriend at Fast Food and then go to bed around 22.

The player will have to make a detective work to know each NPC’s schedule.

So when you figured this out, if you want to catch her without her boyfriend, you know what to do.

To organize all these events, I’ve created a “time space table” :


First, player will find little by little how to get deeper into this day’s secrets.

But there’s also an ultimate walkthrough to achieve for the most dedicated players : get to the end of the game using only one game-day. I already figured this out. This will require some tight planning ! 😀 And who knows : maybe there will be several ways to achieve it, maybe some I won’t plan myself !

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