Bel Océan #8 – Animations are too heavy !!

Paul is a professionnal animator and he’s using flash to generate hi-quality animations. Problem : he makes fucking huge weight animation with 12 frame per seconds !

Construct 2 is working with javascript and this kind of animations are making the game damn heavy ! This is also doing some slow loading and eventually it lags !

So my lead animator went berzerk and said Construct 2 was damn shit, that he’d rather work with real professionnals using Unity and stuff.

He refuses to make 6fps animation and / or low definition sprites. It seems that traditionnal animation and Construct 2 are not compliant !

So we had a dispute … He sweard that I was uncompetant for using this and for me he was too unprofessionnal about technical matters.

unnamed (1)

Then we looked for something more like vectorial – a lot more light – despite C2 is not supporting any vector graphics

and he found SPRITER !!

Spriter is an early stage software especially made for C2, creating rig-stuff sprite based puppets, as they do in 3D, but for 2D ! This should make super light sprites and animations, top of that it is programmatically animated so it may look way more fluid. WOW !

And it just costs 10$ for now !

Paul started trying the software, I cross my fingers.

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