Bel Ocean devlog #13 – Playthrough, finally !


The game engine is now like complete and well-tested, and the playthrough has been massively written these last months. It means some full alpha version is about to be done for internal use, so Paul will test it for the first time very soon. It means tons and tons of debug action but that’s the funniest part isn’t it ?

And I also ordered a whip to get him working faster on the remaining assets.

We’re also starting to investigate about the voice over matter. This is the only part we can’t deal with by ourselves if we want quality english-speaking actors, and that means money. And money we, of course, don’t totally have yet. That’s why we’re thinking about doing some crowdfunding just to pay some nice voice over. Or would some editor interested ? We don’t really know how to sell our game, but for now we’re more likely to do it by ourselves : doing a good game is the first priority.

To get the voice over quotation, we had to do some nice statistics; we got 3000 lines of dialog and counting. Since there’s still a lot of secondary characters to design, we can expect 3500~4000 lines the end.

Then, here we are. We can start to see some schedule : a beta playable version should be done for the end of the year. We may need some beta-testers at this point, so, if you’re interested,get in touch !

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