Fix : Windows 7 64 Bits midi USB not showing up (Korg Kontrol Editor, Korg drivers USB, Nanokontrol 2, Microkorg XL etc..)

Windows 7 has a flaw : it can not deal more than 8 USB-Midi drivers. So at some point, you may install drivers and never see your device plugged-in.

The trick is to manually delete some registry keys in order to free these slots. Usually you don’t deal with more than 8 device at the same time. It’s usually old drivers you don’t use anymore. In the worst case, you delete a usefull driver (your sound card) and you will have to download the latest version in the internet, which is not a bad thing as well.

This Video gives details but you don’t need a 15 minutes explanation since you just have to :

  1. launch regedit
  2. reach HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Drivers32/
  3. Here you can see keys called “midi1”, “midi2” … up to 10 and more .. Delete the latest, until you only have 4 (for example .. You can also delete all these keys and reinstall all your midi stuff to be sure)
  4. Reinstall your Korg or other device : it should work now !


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