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selbstss2Selbst RPG is a prototype I’ve been working on lately and now I’m looking for testers and feedback ! I don’t know how far I will go with this yet but for once, I feel good with the prototype.

Presentation :

Selbst RPG is a top down shooter / ARPG where you have to build your weapons with a modular grid system. It has been inspired by modular music softwares I’ve been using in my musician life.

Special mechanics are easy to explain : in the “engine” grid, you have generators, spawning “energy particles” that will power your “weapon” modules such as : front fire, side fire, bender (allowing you to bend the trajectory of your fire), rocket launcher (rockets can be bend too), shield, mines, teleportation, speed up bonus, health regeneration and so on … you can build everything you like, like focus on one specific firepower or make something balanced with lots of defense and various weapon. You also have to manage the controls of it with Hotkeys (modules connected to your mouse/keyboard, releasing a signal to trigger the modules that requires it) and “effects” modules such as tank (accumulating energy to release bigger particles), angles, speed up energy particles etc…

So as you play, you build an engine that will allow you to defeat ennemies but also resolve puzzles, you can save your builds to “disks” allowing you to reload any build at any time (because you will need to make special builds for special situations) and you will find new modules as loot on your path.


As today, mechanics are the most advanced thing of the game. As you will notice, graphic design is quite minimalistic (320×200 resolution pixalated squares style is easier to deal with for me 😉 ) , background story is an abstract joke, and I’ve made efforts with the level design but I still need to work on it to get the prototype I’m thinking about. For now it just asks the player to use various techniques but it still needs “big” situations and extreme cases where you really need to get the maximum of your engine with various ennemies at the same time, and I would also like to get a more extreme feeling with tons of sprites on the screen like in Bangai-o game, for those who know.


Dev thoughts:

My personnal questions so far are mostly : will Construct 2 (or should I say : javascript) allow me to make that big “sprite explosion” game ? I already dealt with a lot of performances issues (because I require a rock solid 60fps on an average gamer machine) and I still have plans to improve it. For example I noticed that ennemies pathfinding itself was using 20% CPU, so I know my next move will be to make a mix of custom movement and using pathfinding only when needed (10% of the time). I’m also using a tiny resolution so I don’t have to care about sprite animations size. A grid / tilemap system is also helping a lot. Then so far things are not doing bad, maybe I’ll be able to do this.

One other question is about the mashup between arpg and shooter. Is it a shooter or something else ? I’ve been thinking about making it simpler as a shoot’em’up (one path, automatic scrolling and stuff) in order to get more speed and action and less thinking beside the engine building. But I also like a bit of creative freedom so I’m thinking about levels and small challenges.

So far the demo is offering a tutorial to the basics and  small dungeon made of 4 levels with a end boss.


I need you !

You can try it the actual demo here :

Every feedback will be greatly appreciated 🙂



Presentation Video (contains a bit of spoilers so don’t watch it too carefully if you’re willing to play the demo)


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