Map design : zones or not ?

Design question !

Zones or no-zones ?

Zones are pretty nice done in Browser Quest. The map is divided into 16×32 “zones” aka screens, and when the character player walk on the overlap tiles, the camera moves to the next zones.

(this is from Browser Quest Clone Trello)

Shall I use zones in my case ? I did it in a wrong way in Cehiho (each map tile was actually another minimap), this time it’s about using one single map and divisions.

Pros :

  • Players are in a zone, which makes them easier to divide. Server just needs to update each player zone. I believe Browser Quest do that ?
  • Also easier to render for the client since it’s not rendring tiles at every second
  • No scrolling except when changing zone. That’s a benefit if it happens that clicking on moving stuff (e.g. other characters) is tedious when the screen is scrolling. No vertical sync needed too ?
  • Allow some puzzle / room / new ambiance situations (Zelda)

Cons :

  • I believe calculating a “refresh zone” around every player isn’t that expensive, making the first Pro not that interesting.
  • Is scrolling really a problem ? (e.g Diablo)
  • We can make rooms by teleporting the player in a separated area of the map




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