KAPITAL Concept sketch

(full-size picture on click)

Here’s a first drop of KAPITAL gameplay ideas.

Basic concept is similar of my previous game “Ours en Slip Simulator” which was itself inspired by the multiplayer aspects of “Blektre”
– Multiplayer survival & business in a post-capitalist world
– Safe farming VS dangerous rewarding actions
– King of the hill

– There’s no territory control in KAPITAL (as in OESS), but instead more survival struggle and more focus on the “king of the hill” aspect. It doesn’t aim to be an “addictive MMORPG” where you build an empire but more of a short competition challenge.

Playtime evolution

  1. Survive, learn the game. This can be tricky too !
  2. Once you master that, you can draw bigger plans : attack people, escape police or get a job (like being police)
  3. You start to get good money, you can invest in flats, then laters, in shops. You can also kill owner to lower the prices
  4. Pretend to the king throne !



What I want to do better

– OESS had a main flaw : it was focused on economics and commerce and economics wouldn’t run without online players (buying stuff in your stores). I can’t be sure there’s enough players all the time. To prevent that, there will be now a fixed character numbers (32 or 64). So when a new player arrives, a NPC is removed, and the opposite to. This way, the number of characters will always stay the same. NPCs will play the game slow and minimalistic just to stay alive. When nobody is connected, the world will potentially plays alone ! Single player against just NPC will be average difficulty.



Experimental danger !

That’s an experimental concept and that means BALANCE MADNESS at some point. But I can’t help : this is the project I want to do ! But that’s another reason to do the basis as clean as possible, and offer as much control as possible for tweaking and evolution. I hope my previous experiences will help doing it right this time.


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