Yes, I already have projects, but I’m starting a new one.

But first, let’s make the point about those other projects :

Primordial Soup Society is at pause now, maybe it’s even done as a prototype. I did a very well working NodeJS server, using Websockets, and a very minimalistic browser-based client. Actually it is not complete but it’s enough for me to see the idea. I still like it, but I don’t feel it worth any more time now. I mean : the server is nice, and that’s the main thing, so that’s cool ! But the client ? It’s browsed-based, it’s ugly and it looks like my web-dev day job, and I can’t stand it anymore. Should I use another technology for the client ? I’m not sure. Web is ideal for dealing with user content (typing text, uploading images ..) so it feels that’s still the best option. Let it rest for a while.

Bel-Océan is at its final developpement stages. Shouldn’t be exciting ? We started the promotion over social networking and already have beta-testers ready. The game looks good. Yes ! But the job itself, from now, is debugging, UI enhancement, translation, and waiting for Paul working on other projects. That’s not that exciting !


That’s why I already need to move on. Here’s what exciting :

  • Learn new tech
  • Having an idea
  • Make idea come true with new tech

Yeah. I can spend my time doing this instead of drinking beer all the time / doing drugs / playing games.


New Tech

Client Side

I discovered Construct 2 a few years ago and I’ve been doing a few nice prototypes since, had tons of fun with this so-easy-and-still-powerfull tool. Bel-Océan is the biggest / professionnal achievement of it. BUT I miss the ability to code. Also, Construct 2 has simple flaws (i.g. unability to make a simple search trought the whole code, WTF???) and instead of enhancing it, Scirra moved to Construct 3 with a crappy monthly-plan shitty cloud browser based software, I can’t stand it. So, yeah, we’ve been really happy together, now goodbye Construct.

From there, I had a couple of options :

– Starting from scratch, like a real bad-ass ! Going with JS (most accessible + futuristic language for me), I did find some interesting libraries (pixiJS and so on … ) . The most exciting option ! BUT it means reinvent the wheel for many, many features … Such as the editor itself ! I don’t have this time. I’m an artist. I should use a engine-editor solution !

– Another, easy-to-use, with code writing, 2D oriented software , Game Maker Studio 2 looked like the best bet. It’s using its own script language, the GML. Sounds good but …

– … in the end, I choosed Unity ! That’s formerly a 3D software doing 2D good from now. Isn’t it a little bit overkill for what I’m personnaly doing ? Not sure. There’s many features I’m pretty sure I will like. C# isn’t far from JS. Tons of plugins and stuff. Huge community. The standard of the industry. And free at my scale !
The final argument is that my brother Paul want to do 3D as well, and he wants to go Unity because of all theses reasons. Since I want to have the ability to collaborate, I believe that’s the best solution. Let’s do this !


Server Side

I started to work on multiplayer with node and websockets and I love it. It’s about an old dream : since I played UO in early 2000s, I dream of doing my own MMO based on a sausage dickverse (see what I mean ?).  I’ve been working in between. I did Cehiho and Primordial Soup Society server prototypes and it was cool. I want to do this again, for the third time. Each time is better. Maybe this time a complete game will happen ?

So i’ve been asking myself : what can I do even better ? I’ve been using TCP with Websockets and I was wondering : should I use UDP now ? It’s faster but most complicated to keep track because there are lost packets. But in the end, I’ve been convinced by my expert engineer friend Cognet to use TCP since I don’t mind 10ms latency, and UDP can be a lot of useless problems in my case. Actually, I’ve read this nice article too.

So GO, Node + TCP !


Next, maybe I’ll write about my cool gameplay I’ve been writing all night


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