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New prototype of a game I’m working on

SHITRAIN : Soundtrack release, fin du prototype

Toutes les pires choses ont une fin, et je suis un peu soulagé d’abandonner le prototype de SHITRAIN. Belle aventure, un peu mystique, plutôt instructive. On fête ça avec une vidéo Longplay qui montre tout la majorité du contenu, mais surtout la Bande Originale sur Bandcamp.

Lost Dogs Untertainement 001 is out


200 ex / stamped / silkscreened rhodoid / handnumbered. it’s beautiful, you can keep it in a safe and play the mp3.

low shipping fees

Includes unlimited streaming of KIWISUBZORUS / LE MATIN – Entertainers vol.1 via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

ships out within 4 days

Bel Ocean #10 – Treason from the horse !

Yesterday, we discovered with anger and fear that our main character, Jean-Cheval, was fed up with the slow developpement pace of our company, he still didn’t get paid (naturally ! we’re just a small indie beginner studio and didn’t sold anything yet ! We work part time beside our day-jobs !) and this piece of shit found a new job ! He’s now working for the TV Show “BoJack Horseman” !

Of course, that’s a big show on Netfli, featuring Aaron Paul the Breaking Bad superstar, so yeah of course, he’s better paid ! Well, thanks mate, we wish you the best, don’t get fooled to much with money and champagne …

After one-year developpement, having our main star stolen is pretty much a hard thing to deal with. So we made an emergency conf call and we’re now casting new actors for our game … We think about a dog because we don’t trust horses any more.

Bel Ocean #9 – Spriter works !

Yay ! Spriter tests are allright ! Animations weight is divided by 10 or 20, and procedural animations are A LOT more fluid, as expected. It’s all we needed !

The main problem is that Paul must dump all animation work made so far, and start again from the beginning. Wow, that’s not easy. But we’re doing it ….

He’s a test with Josiane working in the office.

Bel Océan #8 – Animations are too heavy !!

Paul is a professionnal animator and he’s using flash to generate hi-quality animations. Problem : he makes fucking huge weight animation with 12 frame per seconds !

Construct 2 is working with javascript and this kind of animations are making the game damn heavy ! This is also doing some slow loading and eventually it lags !

So my lead animator went berzerk and said Construct 2 was damn shit, that he’d rather work with real professionnals using Unity and stuff.

He refuses to make 6fps animation and / or low definition sprites. It seems that traditionnal animation and Construct 2 are not compliant !

So we had a dispute … He sweard that I was uncompetant for using this and for me he was too unprofessionnal about technical matters.

unnamed (1)

Then we looked for something more like vectorial – a lot more light – despite C2 is not supporting any vector graphics

and he found SPRITER !!

Spriter is an early stage software especially made for C2, creating rig-stuff sprite based puppets, as they do in 3D, but for 2D ! This should make super light sprites and animations, top of that it is programmatically animated so it may look way more fluid. WOW !

And it just costs 10$ for now !

Paul started trying the software, I cross my fingers.

Bel Océan #7 – new character design

Paul has completed some new characters !

Josiane is the secretary of John’s Company. She recently broke up with Jean-Dauphin, the artist, and now goes out with Crockyle, a factory worker, who understands her better.

Bel Ocean #6 – Scenario

The game plays in real-time, with something like 15 minutes IRL = 1H in-game, so a full game day lasts 6 hours IRL. However, travelling will make time to go faster.

All scripted events are related to time and space. For example, something will happen in downtown at 11AM but something else will happen elsewhere at the same time. That’s why the looping day is usefull.

Every character will have its own life and planning. For example, Josiane will wake up around 8, leave her house around 10 and work until 18, before meeting her boyfriend at Fast Food and then go to bed around 22.

The player will have to make a detective work to know each NPC’s schedule.

So when you figured this out, if you want to catch her without her boyfriend, you know what to do.

To organize all these events, I’ve created a “time space table” :


First, player will find little by little how to get deeper into this day’s secrets.

But there’s also an ultimate walkthrough to achieve for the most dedicated players : get to the end of the game using only one game-day. I already figured this out. This will require some tight planning ! 😀 And who knows : maybe there will be several ways to achieve it, maybe some I won’t plan myself !

Bel Ocean #5 – My dialog editor

Dialogues and words are a very important point in a point’n’click. As a french writer, it makes better sense for me to write in French, but the game will offer, of course, an quality english translated version.

It requires some good management tool to deal with thousands of sentences, and I’ve decided to make my own. Actually Construct 2 can deal with XML files, so I’ve made my custom text editor / translator / manager with PHP/MySQL that can generated perfect-formatted XMLs.

The UI’s not that fancy for now, but, hell yeah, it WORKS ! 😀 It even updates my database directly in my C2 folder, I just have to click on “update”. That can’t be easier !


Bel-Ocean #4 – Gameplay

On first day, the hero don’t know he’s looping into time. Every night at 4 AM, you come back to the beginning of the last day.

So after one or days like that, you start to know what will happen. Then you can anticipe and catch some better opportunities. In order to achieve two goals : discovering why the world is so polluted, and stop your suicidal friend to kill himself every day at 3AM.

I’ve made an excel sheet to organise event through space and time.

For now, we start to have some kind of engine. We can move and talk. Paul is working on animations, we should have some movie soon ! 😀



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