Primordial Soup Society Week 2

Another week on PSS (it’s been 2 weeks as a whole) and Paul aka Bowl the Expert did a crash test.

Gameplay :

– Bowl is more experienced than me with card games, so he pointed out all the problems. He oriented me with a rock-paper-scissor gameplay, that I adapted with my favorite stats : karma, sex-appeal and sanity. It looks a lot more promising. In the end I think I got the right system. Now it will be about creating interesting cards, with balancing and shit …
He also said that it’s cool to create cards, but remember that collecting cards is the core of a game like this. So we thought about a lootbox system to get ingredients to craft your cards. So it’s collecting THEN crafting.
Then we also discussed about not having too much numbers on the screen, and since cards are bringing a bunch of them (3 x attack, 3 x defense) I agree to drop the 3 base stats numbers of the player, and this way it will be all about the cards.

Server : 
– finished a complete basic fight VS I.A. . Very basic … As Bowl mentionned, there’s only simple blaster cards for now. But it works super fluently and I’m still amazed by the speed of nodejs !
– also did a session system so if you disconnect, you reconnect in the right place of your game at any time.

Client : 
– enhanced the UI. Now things aim to look like cards : places, people / creatures, and of course cards.
– enhanced editors. But still a lot to do.
– started something like a tutorial.

Questions : 
– I’m doing the game in french, because it’s a literature game. But I know the scene is all about english. So I really should prepare it for a english translation. Like a english version of the game, synchronised over git and stuff … Yeah. And I have to look about how translations are done with Symfony.

What’s next : 

– PvP
– Card manager, Card Editor, starting with card attributes & lootboxes. I agree with Bowl saying I should make a solid card game before going further.
– Creature manager
– Map as dungeon with guardians blocking the way. Walls.
– Realms (a player can create his own map).
– Make design great again

Estimation ? 8 weeks. Since I get around 1 week every 2 months (I got kids and I’m doing music besides), I should expect a beta in 16 months. That’s okay !

Then I will have a game. And it will be community management, balancing and shit.


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