Selbst RPG feedback video

I got Selbst RPG out of the dust after two years of rest, and recorded some playtime on first 2 levels. I was surprised to see it was working allright ! It would require a lot more puzzle situations, and eventually more hack’n’slash feeling with more crowd ennemies. I believe the basics are strong enough, it could go a lot deeper. But the biggest need is of course a better UI. Tutorial doesn’t really work and this complex system requires very precise explanations. Like usual, UI would require tons of design and implementation work …

Like many solo devs, I would love to have a work team (i.e. slaves) 😉 Otherwise, I’m really not sure I’ll get back to it someday (sad).

Music is some obscure Le Matin tune (my music project) I like it, but it may be a little too dark for the real mood of the game.



Moving forward, I did another attempt one month ago (let’s call it Selbst RPG 2), with a similar modular system, but as a 2D scroller, taking some inspiration from Metroidvanias. The idea was also having the character wearing the engine into live action, so modules can be destroyed and stuff. And remove the particle moving inside the engine.

In this very short demo (made in one week, Construct 2), the 1 and 2 squares into the grid are for gamepad buttons. You put for example a jump module and a fire module on it, so the character can jump and shoot. You need to connect this modules to power cores, and the more power you have in your module, the better it works (shoots faster or jump higher). You get the idea: let the player build its own character. Like in Selbst RPG, it would allow to save / reload builds so you can switch according to the situation.

It’s not the time for me to work any more on this, but I keep it in a corner, I may want to go further at some point !



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