Bel Ocean #5 – My dialog editor

Dialogues and words are a very important point in a point’n’click. As a french writer, it makes better sense for me to write in French, but the game will offer, of course, an quality english translated version.

It requires some good management tool to deal with thousands of sentences, and I’ve decided to make my own. Actually Construct 2 can deal with XML files, so I’ve made my custom text editor / translator / manager with PHP/MySQL that can generated perfect-formatted XMLs.

The UI’s not that fancy for now, but, hell yeah, it WORKS ! 😀 It even updates my database directly in my C2 folder, I just have to click on “update”. That can’t be easier !


Bel-Ocean #4 – Gameplay

On first day, the hero don’t know he’s looping into time. Every night at 4 AM, you come back to the beginning of the last day.

So after one or days like that, you start to know what will happen. Then you can anticipe and catch some better opportunities. In order to achieve two goals : discovering why the world is so polluted, and stop your suicidal friend to kill himself every day at 3AM.

I’ve made an excel sheet to organise event through space and time.

For now, we start to have some kind of engine. We can move and talk. Paul is working on animations, we should have some movie soon ! 😀


And ….

A super quick animation test on the new background


Bel-Océan Devlog #3

Paul started to create the Jean-Cheval character. Trying it with one of my scrappy background.



Bel Océan Devlog #2

I started to make the graphics myself, black & white, to create an noir atmosphere.








But then my brother Paul, who is an animator at Cartoon Networks, got fun of me and offered to work as the graphic designer of the game.

Bel Océan Devlog #1

I got the idea of Bel Ocean in 2012. My previous game, an “MMORPG” called Ours en Slip Simulator, did fail to meet its ambitions, and was cancelled.  Then I wanted to make something less experimental and more accurate on the gameplay. I choosed to make a point’n”click because I’m really into storytelling, and wanted something simple. However, it needed a twist : the character will live the same day again and again, like in the movie. Gameplay is focused on this.

As a technology, I choosed the software Construct 2 for some reasons :

– As a web developper, javascript games makes sense for me.

– This is an easy software to learn. I’m more of an artist than a coder, I want things done quick. Still, this software is really powerfull for what we need.

JLP33-1 (Custom)

Then, the story.

It’s about some characters I’ve created with the years drawing comics. Jean-Cheval is the hero, it’s a story in a sad future, when pollution and depression has taken over the world. You can change that.


JLP33-2 (Custom)


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