MFB522 Fix : missing kicks

M.F.B. MFB-522

When Sync’ed with an external sequencer, the kick of my MFB was sometimes failing / missing … No matter if the kick is internal or external sequenced.

FIX : I have to micro-decal the kicks from the grid (I suppose too much MIDI information at the exactly same step makes the kick to fail sometimes)

Used to have similar problems with MPC 1000 program change & stuff – micro decal (I speak about ticks) is the answer and makes no difference at hearing.

Fix : Windows 7 64 Bits midi USB not showing up (Korg Kontrol Editor, Korg drivers USB, Nanokontrol 2, Microkorg XL etc..)

Windows 7 has a flaw : it can not deal more than 8 USB-Midi drivers. So at some point, you may install drivers and never see your device plugged-in.

The trick is to manually delete some registry keys in order to free these slots. Usually you don’t deal with more than 8 device at the same time. It’s usually old drivers you don’t use anymore. In the worst case, you delete a usefull driver (your sound card) and you will have to download the latest version in the internet, which is not a bad thing as well.

This Video gives details but you don’t need a 15 minutes explanation since you just have to :

  1. launch regedit
  2. reach HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Drivers32/
  3. Here you can see keys called “midi1”, “midi2” … up to 10 and more .. Delete the latest, until you only have 4 (for example .. You can also delete all these keys and reinstall all your midi stuff to be sure)
  4. Reinstall your Korg or other device : it should work now !