Charles Saucisse Games (2015 synthesis)

I’m very conscious that all these game were designed in a very experimental way, without any clue of what a “real gameplay” has to be, but in way, that was for the best. Results are for sure flawed, unbalanced and sometimes unplayable, but I look at them more as scrapping pieces of art that can lead to interesting ideas.

Bel-Ocean is, of course, intented to be very different of this, as we want to make a real game. That’s also why we choose the Point&Click genre, which is more classical style to handle, without too much experimentations in the gameplay, but keeps large freedom in the writing.


BLEKTRE (2005) : Multiplayer Text-based RPG (PHP with flash graphics, no real-time.  . The writing is everything in this game, it has a fun review and more success than expected, to the point it was adapted as a piece of contemporary theater.



(Bear in panties simulator) An attempt to make an “upgraded” Blektre with more multiplayer mechanics. After human economy apocalypse, animals are invading empty cities. One day, a Bear try to catch some food in a machine, they wake up and figure out how to work a credit card. He realizes he’s naked. So he gets a panty.

Gameplay : it’s an economic game, players build businesses, fight each other, make politics …

The project was too ambitious for the one-year developpement planned for it, economics are really, really complex  to balance ! If the administrator goes away for a bit, problems are overhelming gameplay. Then was cancelled.



An action-RPG created for an atmosphere, with graphics made from internet collages. The result is, we guess, totally unique, but is almost unplayable for everyone but the developper, who didn’t make tests or cared for it.  This very personnal piece of art (more than a game ..) has ended has a longplay video, and the music will be released on indie label Lost Dogs Entertainement.

try it on Gamejolt :



RIGHTLEFT is a game in wich you have to face other players and choose to go RIGHT or LEFT to avoid collision. Tons of fun !

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